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Hey lovelies, This post is about an outfit I've worn multiple times. One of the fashion trends this year is pastel hues, and from my title you can tell I love everything pastel. In my opinion, pastel colors are soft, warm and feminine.

  I remember hopping from one store to another looking for the perfect pastel denim  for me, when I found this pink denim I just couldn't let go, But after I bought the denim, I didn't wear them until I found this chiffon top which goes perfectly with it. So what do you guys think about my outfit?

What I wore:
Top: new look
Denim: primark
Shoes: next
Bag: primark
Earring: oasis
Bracelet: oasis and primark.


  1. Cute! Like it!
    Can we follow each other?

    1. Thanksss. yes we can definitely follow each other.


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