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Hey Lovelies, Hope you guys are good. This post is going to be quite different from the previous ones, It's going to be about some yummy foods :).
Sharon fruit.
I went grocery shopping the other day and at the reduced price fruit section I found sharon fruit...lol...I'm laughing because I know people that go by the name Sharon and never imagined there was a fruit with same name. At first I thought it was a type of tomatoes, when I looked closer the description said succulently sweet, tangy and crisp and was grown in Isreal. Being a fruit lover I bought a pack. I was so curious about this fruit and couldn't wait to try it. When I cut it open I saw this beautiful star shape ...so cute... and when I took a bite it was so sweet, succulent, soft, a bit orangey in taste and was definitely not sour. In summary, it was my kind of fruit. Sadly, it was finished the next time I went grocery shopping.

Passion fruit.
The next fruit I picked was passion fruit. At first I thought they were figs and bought them. When I got home I read the description and it says sweet, tangy and aromatic, grown in Colombia. It was strong and weird looking, first thing I did was cut it into half and it wasn't a fig. I went online to check for how passion fruit is ate. So you basically just eat the little things inside with a spoon, some people put sugar over it before eating, I decided to try it without sugar and woah it was very sour and tangy as they had described, it had seeds in them which was hard to chew. In summary I didn't enjoy it.
Passion fruit after I was done eating it.

Porridge oats with grapes. This is to remind me of the rare occasions that I have a healthy breakfast.
Baked Potatoes with pepper sauce. So yummy!!!
Pork Chops with mashed sweet potatoes and salad.

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.
God Bless!!!


  1. Hmm, little bit hungry now ;p
    The Sharon fruit looks delicious. See if I can find it myself.


    1. Yeah its really delicious. hopefully you find it:)

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