Tough times..........

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What do you do when you pass through tough times? Different people have different ways of handling it. I am going through a rough path and my way of handling it is calling on God the Creator of Heaven and earth day and night because only God can deliver me from this trouble. I added a few bible verses and quotes that gives me hope.

 I am so thankful for the word of God because it encourages me  and I know God is with me during this time. Here are additional quotes.

                                                Thanks for stopping by. God bless!!


Color blocking!!

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Hey lovelies, Color blocking is another 2012 popular trend that got many people experimenting with different colors on the color wheel. Initially I wanted to buy a royal blue denim because a lot of people were rocking it with ease, but instead this bright yellow denim caught my eyes.

Most fashionistas believe yellow blends better with purple. In my opinion royal blue blends better with this particular yellow denim, maybe it's because the yellow is very bright. To complete my looks I added gold accessories and neutral pumps. What do you guys think?

What I wore:
Top: born
Denim: primark
Necklace: oasis
Bracelet: oasis and primark.


Pastel lover!

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Hey lovelies, This post is about an outfit I've worn multiple times. One of the fashion trends this year is pastel hues, and from my title you can tell I love everything pastel. In my opinion, pastel colors are soft, warm and feminine.

  I remember hopping from one store to another looking for the perfect pastel denim  for me, when I found this pink denim I just couldn't let go, But after I bought the denim, I didn't wear them until I found this chiffon top which goes perfectly with it. So what do you guys think about my outfit?

What I wore:
Top: new look
Denim: primark
Shoes: next
Bag: primark
Earring: oasis
Bracelet: oasis and primark.


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