My birthday recap.

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Hello lovelies,
Hope you guys are all good. This post is about my birthday which took place two weeks ago. It was quite different compared to my previous ones. First of all, Few days before my birthday, I started feeling low and down, I wasn't happy with myself because I was not where I thought I would be in life, everything had gone sideways, I did not achieve a single thing since the last birthday, and I'm getting older. Secondly, more than half of my high school mates are married, I wasn't expecting to be married now, but I expected that I would be financially and mentally ready and most likely planning my wedding.

Lastly, I was somewhat alone that day. My boyfriend had to work all day till midnight and it was on a Sunday which means everywhere is closed after 10pm. Keep in mind that my birthday is during the holiday season, which means a lot of people are always around during my birthdays, I either throw a party, go clubbing or have dinner. Since moving to this country, life has been so frustrating for me and I don't have friends around.

Luckily, my friend skyped me at 12 midnight and sang happy birthday to me with her sister and in the morning my school daughter skyped me as well. They both tried to convince me to do something instead of letting the day pass as normal days. My boyfriend got me a gift I wanted, but I still was not happy. So I watched Lakewood church live service and after that I felt much better. I was grateful to God to be alive and healthy because a lot of people weren't opportuned to get to this age. I have the opportunity to see through my dreams and God loves me so much and has a lot in stock for me, much more than I can imagine or had planned because His plan is to give me a future and a hope.

So I got up, took a shower, did my makeup, got dressed and went to the movie theatre and watched Pitch Perfect. The movie was so good, I kept laughing throughout. In summary, my birthday ended on a happy note. I came to appreciate the gifts, messages and calls by the end of the day.

This is to anyone feeling down on their birthday. Just remember that some people didn't get to see that age, and that you are alive which means you have the opportunity to turn things around, to see through your plans and dreams, also know that we are not all the same, just because person A got to the finish line now doesn't mean you will not get there, you have to be patient and know that God has your life under control and that you will finish better off.

                                                                        Hope you guys enjoyed it.
                                                                          Thanks for stopping by,
                                                                                   Lots of love.


  1. Aaw, I happy that afterall you did enjoy your birthday Chinny. Also, I hope that you soon feel better and than the good things may happen soon!
    You look pretty in your birthday outfit!


    p.s. thank you for your comment

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    My bday's in less dan 2weeks n I'm feeling kinda down too. Ur post, well, thnks. :D

  3. I'm happy u realized that ure lucky to be alive..dnt worry at the right time God will fix you in all the right places.dnt be in a hurry.thnks for visitin my blog.let's follow each other


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