Tough times do get better!!!

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Hello guys,

I hope everyone is great. I've been MIA for over a year now ... So sorry guys. But I'm here to type what is on my mind. Exactly today, 3 years ago my dad went to be with the Lord. Honestly, its been a tough journey with varying stages.

This blog was sort off my therapy, it was something that took my focus thereby reducing my idle and depressed sessions. A lot of things changed about me while I was dealing with the loss, I could no longer smile or laugh willingly, I had to put serious effort to laugh over something very funny, wrinkles started showing up on my face, I withdrew myself from Facebook and wallowed in my own hole. Life was more difficult, the more I tried to reach for something the farther it was from me ..... it was a continuous series of bad events and I couldn't get myself together to make any more effort.

After a long period I finally hit rock-bottom, then I travelled to my home country to be with my family. That was the best decision so far. When I got home, it was hard staying at home without my dad, he wasn't around for me to whip up some delicacy or have little and long talks. Gradually, I started getting used to it. Being surrounded with all six of my siblings, my mum, and family friends staying with us, there was never a dull moment. It was very rare to find me alone thinking and feeling down. Little by little, Over a period of months, my smile and laughter started coming back, and I was coming around to my normal self.

Finally, after a long stay in Nigeria, I returned back to Ireland, and I can tell you now that I smile, Laugh and make little jokes that will keep you laughing for days lol.

I am entirely grateful to God for making it all happen and thankful that my mum and siblings are alive and well, thankful for God's provision and protection. I am very happy that I've come a long way from those dark and gloomy days. I still miss my dad so so much and will always do, I pray to make heaven to see my dad again.

Have a great week ahead!!

Love always,


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